How many times per week would be ideal for my student to be tutored by you?

  • We recommend that students attend sessions at least twice per week. This allows for us to progress through instruction at a reasonable pace. Because our instruction is geared toward each individual child, retention of concepts comes more easily with frequent sessions.

Do you offer homework tutoring?

  • Yes, homework tutoring is offered on a case-by-case basis.  As with our other programs, we only will take students if we feel we can truly impact understanding of the concepts being addressed.

My child is reading, but I just think they could get better.  Can you help?

  • Generally, we will set up a consultation, discuss your concerns, and meet with your child to make a decision about the services required.  During this time your child will be evaluated to determine if we are the appropriate resource to handle his or her learning needs.

Can you go to my child’s school to tutor them?

  • There are some schools we travel to, but please contact us for further information regarding this matter.

My child’s teacher does not seem to “get” the way my child learns, but you do; can you help me talk to the teachers at school?

  • There are many situations where we have worked with teachers so that instruction is carried over into daily practice at school.  This again is on an individual basis and we are happy to help in any way upon request.

Why do all the children like coming to you for tutoring?

  • Our practices are fun, engaging, and on the level of each student so that they feel confident and successful each session.  Students know the routine of each lesson and enjoy the structure and sequential nature of each program.

How do you determine what reading methods would be best for my child?

  • As stated previously, we recommend you and your child come in for a consultation to discuss your concerns.  At this meeting we will evaluate and determine the appropriate instruction and discuss our plans with you first.

How long is each tutoring session?

  • Each session is 45 minutes long.

How long will it take my child to finish?

  • Since this is an individualized approach, it depends on each child.  We move as aggressively as possible so that skills are acquired quickly; however, we will not progress until mastery of a specific concept is achieved which can vary for each student.