The Reading Tutor – Wellington, Florida

Date: January 9, 2014 Author: admin Categories: The Reading Tutor

The Reading TutorWhen  conventional methods don’t work, my interventions can help!

The process  of learning can often present huge challenges for students with dyslexia and  other learning difficulties. Using a  multi-sensory approach, the booksservices I provide offer many benefits to these  students. Progressing at the pace of their own specific needs, students are given an individualized  one-to-one tutoring session to address a variety of academic areas.

Because the techniques used in every tutoring session follow a multi-sensory approach, games and manipulatives are incorporated into daily lessons, reinforcing previously learned concepts in a fun and engaging way.In addition to providing excellent reading services, I also offer math and writing interventions, again  following a multi-sensory approach.

Through tutoring, the goal for each student is  to become a sound and independent learner who has confidence in his or her  abilities. Students  leave each session with a great sense of self-esteem and pride that carries  over into the classroom and daily life!