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YouTube for Enrichment

As parents raising children in such a technology-centered life, you perhaps often find yourself thinking, “Just get off of your tablet/laptop/phone!” While that may be true, since it is not going anywhere, let’s find ways to utilize it for enrichment. YouTube can be used as a valuable resource to find educational videos for children of all ages. There are videos covering subject areas including reading, writing, math, science, and social studies and can be a great resource for children looking to practice and sharpen up on skills. There is a lot of great content to make learning fun!

Here are some examples of top YouTube Education Channels:

  • Kahn Academy provides videos on math topics ranging from elementary all the way through college that provide examples and step-by-step instruction on how to solve problems.

  • Sesame Street is great for Pre-k through early elementary learners.

  • HooplaKidz great for kids ages 2-8. While much of the content is nursery rhyme based, the bright colors and cute characters help to catch and keep the attention of young children. They have videos that also cover phonics and spelling.

  • YouTube Edu This is a valuable resource for homework help and for remedial learning. It is great for kids of all ages; but seems more geared toward upper elementary and older. The videos are divided by topic to make it easier to browse through the videos.

Be sure to check these YouTube channels out during Spring Break and keep those minds working!


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