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Open Minds

With so many good books out today, children have a endless list of books to choose from for summer reading. At Jill Abrams Tutoring, we encourage children to choose their own books, something they are interested in. However, we do realize the need for variety and understanding different genres of writing. In order to steer your child to try a new style of reading, maybe a chapter book instead of a comic book, we have found a couple successful tips.

Thanks Edsurge

At Jill Abrams Tutoring, we encourage students to expand their horizons by trying to reading books out of their comfort zone. This can include books written in a different style, from a different genre, or by different authors. This can help keep their reading options fresh, allow them to gain a new perspective, as well as building their reading skills. For example, to get a student to try and read poetry, we offer them to have fun and act out the scene. We have found many other tactics to gain the attention of our fellow students to broaden their interest and imagination. We want to help create open-minded learners and skills in all areas of reading, weather it be fantasy or nonfiction.

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