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Brain Power! :)

Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc.

Feeding the mind not only comes from a strong nutritional foundation, it also comes from literally working your brain out! Boosting brain power can be fun and easy for you and kids! Here are some tips from Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. to improve brain power for everyone:

  1. Introduce and Incorporate Multi-Sensory Learning

While learning or teaching various subjects, using multi-sensory learning can incorporate multiple senses for easier retention. For example, when you’re swimming, you’re using multiple muscles in your whole body rather than just one specific one. Same goes with your brain, as soon as multiple senses are incorporated, the easier making connections between subjects will become. Add or include some hands on activities while reading as well as use blocks and colors for math.

2. Listen to Some Tunes!

Studies show, playing tunes such as jazz, classical music, or beats in the background, stimulates different areas in the students brain as they are working. Music also triggers memories, facilitating lesson retention and memorization.

3. Limit Tech Use

As times evolve, technology has become prominent in a students daily life because lessons, homework, and schools have become digital. However, technology can actually be detrimental to a students success in school because it decreases their focus. Creating a break electronics can actually benefit the students by increasing their blood flow and possible physical activity.


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