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4 + 2 = 2
(12 + 32) + (72 + 104) = X

A variety of techniques are used by our Wellington, Florida math tutors to help the struggling math student at every level.  Many concepts are taught primarily through the use of manipulatives and games providing the multi-sensory link that might be missing from their understanding. Our math tutors utilize an initial consultation with a student to identify the need and hurdle that’s causing struggles for students.


Basic computation skills, which can be a huge challenge for students with learning difficulties, are a primary focus and are addressed to ensure mastery.  If a student has experienced any frustrations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, these instructional techniques will remove this frustration and enhance their ability to compute these operations. Commonly the case for those with learning disabilities, trouble with basic computation skills can impede a student’s ability to learn more advanced math. Our techniques help manage frustration and discourage the feeling of inadequacy by focusing on establishing confidence in these skills and growing knowledge from there.

Once these basic computation skills are established and a student feels comfortable with their ability to utilize these operations, our math tutors will address more advanced math problems. Our math tutors utilize fun and multi-sensory techniques to help students address their math struggles. Other math concepts are addressed based on the individual needs of each student.

We often get requests to discuss successful techniques to school instructors. Our math tutors have worked with many teachers in Palm Beach County and, after discussing with parent or guardians, are happy to speak with individual instructors to communicate the needs of individual students upon request. We find that clear communication between parents, students, and their educational instructors can often times be a missing link for establishing a learning plan that works for each individual. Students have often benefited with additional communication.

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