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A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Writing tutoring is something our tutors take seriously, but also make fun and enlightening for our students. Writing is a vital skill that helps a student communicate in all subjects, so we take the time to address each and every student’s abilities. Our expert writing tutors have experience helping students succeed so they can move forward independently.

Daily instruction works to develop a student’s expressive language in written form.  From elementary to middle to high school, writing tutors get to the root of a student’s struggle with writing and build a plan that will help grow their confidence and ability to express themselves through writing.

Students begin by working through clear sentence composition with a focus on coherent and concise messages.  This foundation of a written composition helps students understand how to express individual ideas in a clear way. Once our writing tutors can assess that a student is confident in their ability to formulate a sentence, they move on to help students construct paragraphs, or strengthen a student’s ability to formulate and pair like ideas. From there, tutors and students work together to build an essay, beginning with identifying a thesis and continuing onto planning, outlining, and constructing a full, coherent message.

The structure of the sentence, paragraph, and essay are not the only focus as students are also working to increase their ability to develop their thoughts and then transform them into written form. Students will become more comfortable with the role of different grammatical components, build their vocabulary, and learn ways to become more resourceful when constructing or articulating themselves in written form.

I have designed a writing program which allows any student to become a strong, independent writer.  Because students may not grasp or be taught the concepts in school, our writing program is extremely beneficial to all students of any grade or level to improve upon their skills.

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