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Tutoring in reading comprehension helps students learn to uncover their thought processes and better understand the meaning of any given text. To improve each student’s ability to gain meaning from text, techniques from the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing® program are incorporated into lessons.  This highly respected program is utilized in schools and institutions across the country. Research collaborations with some of the top educational research institutions make the Lindamood-Bell program one of the most advanced and effective programs.

Students work to verbalize the meaning they gain from text and engage in a discussion with a trained tutor to increase their understanding.  Within this instruction, students work to develop their oral language skills and their ability to answer higher order thinking questions like inferencing, drawing conclusions, and so on. This enables students to expand their depth of knowledge. This process enhances each student’s ability to gain meaning from various forms of text across multiple disciplines.

Our trained reading comprehension tutors utilize techniques such as asking questions to activate a student’s prior knowledge, teaching students how to follow their own train of thought when reading, and helping students build a strategy to make connections independently.

Reading comprehension tutors with The Reading Tutor are trained to help students grow their comprehension skills until they’ve uncovered a strategy that they can implement independently. The confidence may be a side effect, but it’s a vital element to any student’s reading comprehension skills and will benefit them when understanding texts and beyond.

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