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Using the Orton Gillingham and Wilson Reading System® techniques, students are instructed with a prescriptive, systematic, individualized, and multi-sensory approach. This method of instruction is geared for students with varying levels of reading difficulties, and/or retention issues. Using this approach allows for each student to master and retain a concept before a new one is introduced. Progressing at the pace of each student, concepts are first introduced at the single word level and then move towards incorporating these skills into contextual passages. Games and fun activities are implemented daily to support each lesson, making this approach to reading interesting and engaging to all learners.

Our reading tutoring program is designed to improve literacy for students with learning differences like dyslexia as well as students of all levels struggling with reading.  Our Palm Beach County reading tutors utilize the Wilson Language Program and are trained in the Orton Gillingham methodology; we take a multi-sensory approach to helping students become strong, independent readers.

Barbara Wilson developed this multi-tiered program in the 1980s to follow a series of 12 steps to build a student’s reading ability. Working right here in Wellington, Florida, our reading tutors help students work up from recognizing single phonemes within a single-syllable world to reading multi-syllable words containing a variety of patterns.

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Dyslexia is a common learning difference that is characterized by difficulty with word recognition, decoding and spelling. The Wilson system reading tutoring helps students by teaching them in a systematic and cumulative manner. Compounding knowledge as students learn to trust the English language allows them to build skills and confidence to deal with the irregularities in the language.

To assist  students with learning differences at every level, many schools have implemented this research-based program. As part of a plan, schools using the Wilson program often turn into positive case studies, showing the success of multi-sensory reading tutors.

Discussions of literacy may have become taboo, but there’s certainly more attention being paid to addressing the needs of students who experience difficulties with reading. That’s why our West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Wellington reading tutors are trained in these proven multi-sensory approaches.

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