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Fostering Independence

At Jill Abrams Tutoring we strive for our students to be able to think and work independently. We provide all the skills needed in order to do so. Our ultimate aim is to teach students to become independent learners and have confidence. Critical thinking

is crucial these days, all the way from elementary school to college. Schools are encouraging students to analyze subjects in a deeper, more analytical manner. At Jill Abrams Tutoring , we practice this this by asking questions that don’t just have a ‘yes or no’ answer. We also have them draw conclusions and learn how to make inferences. We practice assignments that go beyond testing their knowledge/comprehension of a matter and we encourage them to voice their opinion. Critical thinking does more than give rise to responsible, creative and profound thinkers; it also raises students’ self-confidence. This leads to a unique relationship between tutors and students in that it fosters a mentoring approach that makes students feel supported and cared for yet able to feel comfortable and confident thinking on their own.

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