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National Read Across America Day

Happy National Reading Day form Jill Abrams Tutoring, inc.!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”- Dr. Seuss

Every year, on National Reading Day, at Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. we celebrate the joy and importance of reading in the lives of children. This special day is not just about flipping through pages, it's about opening doors to imagination, knowledge, and endless possibilities. As we mark this day, let's plunge into a journey to nurture a love for reading in our children that will last a lifetime. Reading isn't just a hobby, it's a superpower that enriches young minds in countless ways. Through books, children explore new worlds, meet fascinating characters, and embark on adventures beyond their wildest dreams. Reading enhances vocabulary, improves comprehension, and stimulates creativity. It lays the foundation for academic success and fosters empathy and understanding by allowing children to see the world through different perspectives.

Ways to Celebrate National Reading Day with your child:

Family Reading Time: Set aside dedicated time each day for family reading sessions. Gather together, choose a favorite book, and take turns reading aloud. Let the magic of storytelling create cherished memories that your children will treasure forever.

Visit the Library: Make a trip to the local library an exciting adventure. Let your children explore the shelves and select books that capture their imagination. Librarians are valuable resources who can recommend age-appropriate books and help cultivate a love for reading.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook: Designate a cozy corner in your home as a special reading nook. Decorate it with comfy cushions, soft blankets, and shelves filled with books. Make it an inviting space where your children can escape into the enchanting world of literature.

Host a Book Exchange: Organize a book exchange with friends or classmates. Encourage children to swap their favorite books with others, providing an opportunity to discover new stories and authors while fostering a sense of community and sharing.

Engage with Different Genres: Introduce children to a variety of literary genres—from fantasy and adventure to mystery and science fiction. Allow them to explore different types of stories and find what resonates with them most.


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