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Story Elements

When students can relate to the characters in a story, their comprehension levels increase. The characters in a story are one of the most important elements that will convey the plot and theme to the reader. The author uses characters to develop and add interest to the story. Their physical and personal traits are the first two elements to explore when analyzing a character and then the reader needs to make connections on how it ties into the plot of the story. To make even more connections, we encourage the reader to then relate the characters to themselves or someone they know. Understanding the characters and their motivation in the story provides children with a stronger ability to analyze the text and understand the meaning of a story. This is an important skill that can easily be incorporated into their at home or tutoring reading practice. Having your children pick out certain characteristics of a character in the story and comparing it to themselves will help them gain a better understanding of what the author is trying to convey. At Jill Abrams tutoring, we support this skill through all reading levels and you’re your child engaged and involved in the story.

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