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What To Do When Your Student is Unmotivated?

Many parents come in our tutoring center in distress, saying their child will not pay attention to them at home and are not motivated to do schoolwork. There is a solution! This is much more common than you think, even our students who have teachers as parents, they simply do not want to learn at home. However, most students put 100% effort when dealing with a tutor one on one, rather than a parent. There is a different rapport with each student. Some students are bored with the same old work, some lack motivation because they do no understand the material, and some have maybe given up due to frustration.

Specific concepts and areas that the student is struggling with need to be identified and revisited. A tutor is the best option for this, as a one-to-one style of instruction allows lessons to be tailored to the individual needs of each student. Once these learning gaps are addressed and the student begins to see their grades improving, their confidence will begin to rebuild itself. The goal is always to make sure students see a direct correlation between the effort they put in and the results they achieve. Positive reinforcement and making learning fun is our goal at Jill Abrams Tutoring.

If your student is unmotivated, Jill Abrams Tutoring can help identify the root causes and develop a solution that works for their individual learning style. Call now for a free assessment!

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