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Everyone fidgets – hair twirling, pencil rolling or pen clicking – we all do something to stay focused,

Current medical and therapeutic clinical research concludes that fidgeting is a beneficial and effective way for individuals to:

  • Self-calm

  • Stay centered

  • Focus to begin and complete tasks.

Research tells us that fidgeting actually enhances creativity and improves focus, learning and attention span. Overall, fidgeting or moving around uniquely transforms normal fidgeting into productivity and enhanced learning. At Jill Abrams Tutoring, we do not give out fidget toys, but if a student needs something to hold while or touch while learning, we are okay with that (as long as it is not causing distraction to them). Also, I have found it helpful for kids to learn while playing games or doing a hands-on activity. I also believe in letting the child stand while reading if they are tired of sitting. We all have different ways of learning, and it is important to address each child as an individual not as a whole group.

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