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Math can be tricky! But it doesn't have to be with these techniques.

Introducing new math concepts to children can sometimes be a little tricky. Understanding the concept of double digit addition and or subtraction can be overwhelming for a child to learn. Most students are familiar with adding or subtracting single digit numbers and have acquired specific skills to do so. However, when double digit addition and or subtraction are introduced new skills need to be learned. At Jill Abram’s Tutoring, we build our students confidence and provide mathematical skills that will ensure each child succeed.

Each student is encouraged to learn by using the following strategies:


Modeling for each student and having them practice while you talk them through the steps will help them learn the process of solving double digit math problems. Also, teaching organization skills is essential when learning any new math concept. Our tutors will guide each child on how to show their work in a neat and organized manner which will eliminate simple math errors. The one on one tutoring session allows each tutor to gear the lesson toward the individual needs of each student.


Every math concept is taught using hands on manipulative and activities. Using place value blocks is a good way to help your child understand double digit math problems. Being able to physically see and touch an o

bject, will assist in the learning process.


The concept of place value is imperative in math. Knowing the correct values of each number is key when adding or subtracting double digits. Adding or subtracting always begins with the ones place. Learning this particular skill will make the next concept called regrouping a lot easier to learn.

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