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Teaching a student strategies can be broken up into 5 steps; remember, understand, apply, analyze and evaluate. Whether it is math, reading or writing a teacher must understand this concept in order to teach successfully. The first step is remember, regardless of the concept try to have to student relate the new concept to things they may have learned in the past, they are using background knowledge. This will get their wheels turning and will get them excited for the lesson. The next step is understand, this is where the educator explains the idea or concept to ensure understanding, students are asking questions. Once the lesson is taught the next step is applying, this is where you have the student apply the new concept. They are solving problems, answering questions and using the information in new situations. Once they have applied, they will analyze. Students will make connections between ideas and be able to check their own work. Finally, the last step is evaluate, students will be assessed on their work for understanding.

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