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Learning Math is Not One Size Fits All

Math concepts can sometimes be a challenge for children to understand, apply and utilize problem solving skills. Not all children learn alike and it is not uncommon for students to show weaknesses in math. There are multiple teaching styles and not one strategy can be the right fit. However, math concepts can be easily geared toward an individual child. Math is a subject that has many different learning strategies.

At Jill Abram's tutoring, our goal is to find the right fit of learning style of each student and incorporate the best tools to assist with their learning. We provide the individual child with learning strategies that will aid in their growth with math. Some mathematical teaching methods are not taught in schools, however they have proven to dramatically help the struggling math student. An example of one teaching method that we use at Jill Abram's tutoring is touchpoint math. Touchpoints is an effective tool to teach basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction, counting, and relating a specific value to the appropriate number. This technique can also be applied to counting money, multiplication, and division.

Touchpoint math is a multi-sensory approach to learning a particular skill. Students who are exposed to this teaching style excel and portray more confidence when tackling a confusing math problem.

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