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Becoming a Successful Writer

In order to become an excellent writer, one must first be an excellent reader. Reading and writing go hand in hand. As reading skills progress, writing will flourish. If you are a reader who struggles to write, think about how you read. If you tend to race through to get to the good parts, there might be more to learn if you slow down. But if you want your reading to help you in your writing, learn to find pleasure in words. At Jill Abrams tutoring we promote young learners to become not only great readers, but writers. Once your child feels confident reading, they will start to take more interest in reading on their own. Let them even pick out their books!

Confident readers will often bloom into great writers. Nothing inspires a writer like reading someone else's words. ● Read out loud or have someone read to you. ● Get recorded books and listen to them as you read along, or even when you’re driving in the car. ● Get the sound of good writing into your head, not just the sight of it. ● Pay attention to the words that you read and the text structure, is it descriptive, imaginary, fictional? ● Read a variety of texts, including newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories, and more.

And pay attention to the kinds of books you read. The more you read quality, well-crafted books, the better the influence will be on your own writing. Do you want to write better? Read better, and read better books. Simple as that!


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