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Don't get stressed... it's just a test!

Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) test will replace the previous end-of-year exams, commonly referred to as the FSA. If your student is enrolled in a Florida public school, they will be gearing up for these exams, typically administered in the subjects of English Language Arts, Writing, and Math. Our students at Jill Abrams Tutoring work on important reading skills during every session under the guidance of passionate tutors who care about your child's success. As we enter this sometimes-stressful season of progress monitoring, here are some things that you need to know!

  • FAST tests are taken on the computer and are adaptive to your child's responses.

  • The FAST tests are given 3 times during the school year - by this time in April, your child has already taken their first two FAST tests. This final administration will assess their progress and growth during the school year.

  • The third administration of the test will take place during the last month of the school year, beginning in the first week of May. The third administration will take between 100-120 minutes for each subject area, depending on grade level.

  • This is considered to be a transitional year for this system of assessment. Scores will be given comparatively to the previous iteration of the end-of-year exams, the FSA.

Sometimes students experience anxiety when they know a big exam is approaching. At Jill Abrams Tutoring, we build crucially important reading and writing skills from the ground up. Whether your child is working on decoding multi-syllable words or tackling main idea in a reading comprehension passage, you can be sure that every time a student walks through our doors, they are improving their skills. We are invested in your child's success! We prepare our students to be able to handle whatever comes their way - from a daily homework assignment to an annual examination - with confidence and determination. Our tutors are available to help your child soar to the next level! Call or email for more information about scheduling a session today!

For more information about the FAST exam, click this link [external, leads to Florida Department of Education website].


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