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Exam Stress

The highly qualified and trained tutors at Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. understand that exam time can be stressful for students. We also understand that test taking can be especially stressful and nerve-wracking for students who do not have the proper study habits or test-taking tools to succeed. There are steps that can be taken to help ensure your child triumphs come testing time. Once a child is taught the tools and study habits they need, they begin to feel more confident and their test anxiety subsides.

It is important that the child understands the format of the upcoming test or exam, so they are not faced with surprises. For example, the tutors at Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. understand the ins and outs of FSA testing and have materials to help your child amply prepare. Paragraph writing can be a daunting task for a child who has difficulty reading, spelling, or who has not been properly exposed to the requirements of the test. Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. is well equipped with FSA samples, practice FSA tests, as well as more interactive materials that help our students practice the necessary skills to do well. Preparing students for test or exams also requires enthusiasm, strong motivation, and fun while learning—all skills which our tutors are well trained!


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