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Spring Break! :)

Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc.

With Spring Break just around the corner we at Jill Abrams Tutoring Inc. want to offer some helpful suggestions to parents to help keep their children engaged in academics while still having fun over break!

1. Flashcards! - Flashcards can be a great studying tool for various school subjects. Not only do flashcards provide important visual and tactile stimulus but they also aid in building up your child’s long term memory. Here at Jill Abrams tutoring we place a strong focus on children’s understanding of core concepts so they have a strong foundation to build upon as they progress through their academic career.

2. Family Reading Time – Reading to your child and having them read to you can help them build up their vocabulary, develop their critical thinking skills, and give them tools to make them stronger writers in the future. Not to mention it gives the whole family a productive and beneficial break from screen time!

3. IXL – IXL is an amazing online resource for core subjects like math and language arts. At Jill Abrams tutoring we utilize IXL’s wide array of helpful resources. The IXL website is extremely user friendly and comprehensive. Simply use the search bar to navigate the site by searching a subject or skill you would like your child to work on and choose one of the suggested assignments. If a question is answered incorrectly IXL provides a full explanation as to how to achieve the correct answer.


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