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Teaching Organizational Habits

Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc.

Trained tutors at Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. understand that organization is key. It is not

uncommon for students to begin the school year organized with their classes and schoolwork,

but by mid-semester, many students find themselves overwhelmed. They lack the

organizational skills and tools needed to set themselves up for success. That’s where Jill

Abram’s Tutoring, Inc. comes in. We instill a consistent and conscientious organizational plan

with each student, ensuring they are prepared and successful.

We begin by analyzing the student’s current organizational plan, locating their syllabus,

and ensuring all important due dates and deadlines are outlined on their planner or calendar.

We also discuss prioritization of assignments based on due dates and importance. Regularly

arranging school folders, backpacks, and online materials is commonplace. Making sure

students have all of their notes and class documents in order is critical as well. Avoiding last-

minute panic and anxiety with assignments is our goal, and we encourage our students to

communicate openly with our tutors to ensure they are right on track.

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