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Tips on How to Make Homework Fun

Tips on How to Make Homework Fun

1. Make homework into a game.

At Jill Abrams tutoring we make sure the students are enjoying themselves while working. To do this, we offer students opportunities to incorporate board games with learning and homework. For example, once a student answers a question, they get to roll the dice and move that number of spaces on a game board. To make it more exciting, you can put your own twist on it by allowing students to steal your turn if they answer a bonus question, or allowing them an extra roll if they roll the same number twice in a row. Something as easy and simple as this can make homework a time of the day students look forward to.

2. Offer rewards for positive behavior.

Positive reinforcement, or adding a reinforcer following a specific behavior, makes it more likely for a student to repeat that behavior in the future. Here, at Jill Abrams tutoring, we offer tickets for positive behaviors such as listening carefully and putting forth good effort. At the end of each session, students can trade in their tickets for prizes of different values, or they can save up their tickets to trade in for a prize with a higher worth. Not to be confused with bribery, positive reinforcement rewards the students for a job well done.

3. Use Learning Apps.

One of the most frustrating parts of homework can be when your child does not understand the material or concept. At Jill Abrams tutoring, we eliminate this frustration by using learning apps such as SuperTeachers and IXL. These are apps that offer worksheets and practice questions for all grades and all skills. They are user friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, they offer great review for whatever concept your child is struggling with.


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