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FSA Writing

Does your child struggle with the writing portion of the FSA? At Jill Abrams Tutoring we have developed a writing program to help your child succeed. The Florida Standard Assessment (FSA) occurs in the spring for grades 4th-10th. Students must write a 4-5 paragraph essay based on multiple passages with a corresponding writing prompt. The students will be scored on how well their essay is organized, having the correct research (evidence) to support the topic, transitional words and being able to follow correct rules for grammar and punctuation. At Jill Abrams we make sure your child understands these concepts and will focus on building their confidence. We provide a building blocks style technique where we will start will complete sentences, work up to FSA style paragraphs and then transition into essay formats. Providing students with different techniques and strategies to be able to write a successful essay on their own is what we strive for.

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