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Importance of Computer Literacy

In today’s world, we can all agree that technology has all but taken over. But how does this affect a student’s day in the classroom? Computers and tablets have become the new ‘number two pencil’ in that most tests and quizzes students are given are based online. We at Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. make sure to set up our students for success!

  • Laying the Groundwork: Getting Familiar with a Device:

It is crucial to provide students with an opportunity to practice using a laptop or tablet in order for them to become comfortable with how it works. By the time a student takes a test online at school, a computer shouldn’t be unfamiliar territory. All children have different levels of how well they can use a mouse, trackpad, touchscreen, or keyboard. The goal is to get students to independently navigate through websites provided by either their teacher or tutor. This is so when test day comes, students can feel confident and show off their knowledge!

  • Become a Keyboard Pro:

Make sure that once a student is comfortable with using a computer, they are practicing their typing skills! A little practice each day can provide major progress over time. Becoming successful at typing will prove to be immensely helpful throughout a student's academic career and beyond!

  • Practice Practice Practice:

Once a student has the basics down, let’s take it to the next level. For example here are some tasks students will be expected to use throughout their school year:

- open and close browsers

- sign into their email or school’s portal using a username/password

- conduct appropriate research through a search engine

  • How this Applies to Online Testing:

Your student feels comfortable on a device, so now what about test day? Online tests are becoming the new normal to students without paper based test accommodations. Tests are already stressful, so making sure students are familiar with online tests is important. Test taking strategies such as eliminating answer choices, underlining key details, and jotting down main ideas throughout reading a lengthy passage still remain vital. Students need to practice reading passages online as well as on paper in order to create stamina.

**With patience and practice test days will become a breeze! Contact Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. today!! We’d love nothing more than to work with you and your child!


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