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Comprehension Tutoring

It is important for children to learn how to read and be able to understand what they are reading. Some students are great readers who do not have difficulty decoding the words on a page, but struggle with comprehending what he or she has read. Being able to read and comprehend what you are reading is the key to succeeding in school.

At Jill Abrams tutoring, we provide a foundation of reading comprehension strategies. These strategies assist each student with understanding the text they are reading. We also teach our students how to summarize the text into their own words which not only helps with comprehension, but will also benefit their writing skills. Furthermore, we help our students make connections from prior experiences/knowledge to support inferencing. Inferring is a higher level thinking skill that requires using information to make a logical conclusion.

The following are a list of topics that will be covered during comprehension tutoring:

~Cause and effect

~Main idea/details

~Finding evidence


~Point of view

~Compare and contrast

~Fact and opinion

~Author's purpose


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