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ADHD and Homework Setting

There is not a one size-fits-all answer for the ideal school work setting. A few kids with ADHD work effectively in a disengaged, calm setting like their room, and work more efficiently amidst some activity, as at the kitchen table with a radio playing. You may have to attempt a couple of various settings until you pinpoint the most effective one. Furthermore, you may have to sort out if some other variables are making schoolwork troublesome. Ask yourself the questions followed..

  1. Does your child know what every one of the tasks are?

  2. Do they bring the materials home that are essential for taking the necessary steps?

  3. Do they have a daily work plan that fits with their learning style?

  4. Do they have a system to check all work is completed?

  5. Is there a system for making sure that their finished work gets turned in on the due date?

  6. How can they or you realize that work is late?

  7. Have you or the instructor set up a system for progress or penalties for late work?

  8. Is there a system for their instructor to speak with you about late work?

A tutoring center may be another great option for your child to efficiently get their homework done and track their progress. At Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc, we have a few setting placement options for our children when tutoring. Whether your student likes a little background noise or a private quiet room, our specialized tutors have the right tools and space for any preference!


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