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All students learn in different ways. There are visual learners, hands-on learners, auditory learners, etc. In the classroom, there are so many students with varying learning styles that it is difficult to teach a subject that best fits every students’ learning needs. This can leave a gap in students’ learning. When a student returns home to work on what was taught at school, they may become frustrated if they did not understand how the material was taught. Once a student is frustrated, they will shut down. They will also associate what they were struggling with as hard, bad, or something they cannot do. This can increase the learning gap even further; therefore, it will make it harder when skill levels are increased in the classroom.

At Jill Abrams Tutoring, students do not have to figure out how to do homework on their own. Tutors are there to support the students. Tutors are also able to give the student one-on-one support, implementing strategies and skills geared to each individual learning style.


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