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The Importance of Dyslexia Awareness Month

Studies from the National Institute of Health and Yale University show that nearly 20% of the U.S population with typical or higher intelligence battle with comprehension, writing, and grammar. Considering the statistics, you may more than likely know someone with a brain-based learning difficulty. Many individuals, including educators, are not quite certain what being dyslexic really means. At Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. we have become experts in helping your children battle dyslexia and excel in these brain-based skills with practice.

Realities About Dyslexia

• People with dyslexia normally have difficulties with reading and writing fluently.

• Dyslexia isn't an eyesight issue, and individuals don't see letters or words in reverse.

• Dyslexia runs in families.

• Dyslexia isn't treatable and is long lasting.

• With the right guidance and support, individuals with dyslexia can learn and succeed in reading and writing.

• Every case of dyslexia is unique.

Early Signs of Dyslexia

As a parent, you might see signs at an early age that your child is experiencing issues with language skills that form their reading abilities. Given that dyslexia is a language-based learning skill, these are some potential signs to pay special mind to as early as the preschool age.

• Trouble with nursery rhymes.

• Not perceiving rhyming words.

• Difficulty learning the names and sounds of letters, even in their own name.

• Trouble learning numbers, days of the week or tones.

• Mispronouncing words (more than peers).

• Trouble reviewing the right words for things.

Significance of Early Intercession

As we distinguish the early indications of dyslexia, we can give mediation was early as possible and establish a positive impact on the direction of language skill in our kids.

Learning these skills early on creates a more solid foundation of language and will allow for better success over time.

When we provide this help from the start, we can prevent negative social and

emotional impacts that may accompany dyslexia.

Jill Abrams Tutoring, Inc. works with parents and children to battle these difficulties when struggling with Dyslexia. We provide expert tutoring and support for children in the pre-school ages and those already in grade school ages.

Our specialized team of reading, writing, and math tutors can assist your children in making the most of their learning!


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